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Why won't NATO support our efforts to disarm Saddam Hussein? And what is going on with our two traditional allies, France and Germany? We'll ask former U.S. Ambassador to NATO Robert Hunter.

Plus, it's just not done... But as we know, that's never stopped Bill Clinton... Now the former president is criticizing President Bush. We'll show you what he said today in Washington.

Then, Mr. Bush's popularity is diminishing. We'll ask former House Speaker Newt Gingrich what he should do about. And the former speaker will also weigh in on Hollywood and our tarnished image abroad.

Also, plenty of reaction to our explosive interview with the state's controversial poet laureate Amiri Baraka. We'll have a follow-up. And if you missed the interview, be sure to read the transcript and watch the streaming video right here on

Later, as The Factor moves along... Should wealth in this country be redistributed? Or is that just a crazy idea?

Finally, musician R. Kelly has been arrested again, this time in Florida  What's going on?

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