Topics and Guests for Thursday, Jan. 23

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Jan. 23:

It looks like we can count Germany and France out of President Bush's coalition of the willing to disarm Iraq by force
Thomas Nehls of German Public Radio
Patrcik Garreau, D.C. bureau chief for Le Monde

North and South Korea say they have agreed to peacefully resolve their nuclear standoff
Maurice Strong, special adviser to U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan

Class-action lawsuits from big tobacco to fast food: Lawyers are hoping to score billions of dollars and pocket the lion share for themselves. Are we facing the rule of lawyers?
Walter Olson, author of The Rule of Lawyers

A post-Saddam Hussein Iraq has one very important thing going for it — oil, and lots of it
Fadhil Chalabi of the Center for Global Energy Studies

Folks in Hollywood get a warm, fuzzy feeling when they talk about the golden age of television. But ask TV writers about their golden years and you might get a different reaction
Burt Preletsky, TV writer

A group of mostly western volunteers is heading to Iraq to act as human shields against an American attack. The We The People organization thinks President Bush will be more reluctant to blow up non-Arabs.
Deanna Frazier, wife of former Iraq hostage

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