Topics and Guests for January 22

Tonight... Get on On the Record with Greta!

Are Americans getting cold feet about a possible military strike against Iraq? Results of a new poll find that many would like to give weapons inspectors several months to do their work in Iraq. Should President Bush be concerned? We'll ask columnist Tony Blankley and FOX News contributor and USC Law Professor Susan Estrich to weigh in.

Then, more troops get ready for deployment. We'll have a LIVE report from one military base where the tears and the fears are the order of the day.

Plus, authorities are still searching for Laci Peterson in California. We'll bring you the latest on the search for the missing mom-to-be.

Then, she's one of the most mysterious women at the heart of the Whitewater scandal... Now she's written a book about her experiences. Susan McDougal goes on the record!

Finally, talks continue in Korea. What's the latest from the Peninsula? We'll have a LIVE report for you.

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