Tommy Lee, American Idol and Chuck Barris

Tommy Lee, American Idol and Chuck Barris in our own little gong show glare of The Foxlight.

Tommy Lee wanted to see naked women and we're supposed to be surprised? Some Penthouse pets are snarling at the aging rocker for urging them to shed their tops during a recent concert. When they wouldn't do it, Lee led the crowd in booing them. Now a spokesman says that having Lee turn the crowd against these Penthouse ladies was "very upsetting" and might be considered sexual harassment. That's a case I'd like to see go all the way to the Supreme Court.

Are you ready for American Idol cosmetics, hair accessories, body art, stationery items, key chains, nail press-ons and a case in the shape of a cell phone that contains eye shadow and glitter? All that is expected to be available this spring. Then, a line of portfolios, binders and pens will be sold later this year for the back-to-school season. What? No Justin wigs?

Finally, Chuck Barris says he's tired of dodging the question of whether or not he was really a C.I.A hitman. But he still won't answer it once and for all. So I will. He did not kill anyone for the C.I.A. -- ever. Now Chuck, prove I'm wrong. Meantime, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind opens in more theaters this weekend and it's a great way to kill two hours -- true or not.