Fast Facts: Dept. of Homeland Security

The new Homeland Security Department is shaped from agencies and services from other departments within the federal government. All told, President Bush's budget for the 2003 fiscal year calls for the department to have $35.5 billion and comprise of almost 165,000 employees. The following is a breakdown of the new department:

Name of agency joining Homeland Security Dept (the agency's former department), requested 2003 budget, estimated number of employees

Border and Transportation Security
Immigration and Naturalization Service, enforcement functions (Justice Dept.), $6.4 billion, 39,459 employees
Transportation Security Administration (Transportation Dept.), $4.8 billion, 41,300 employees
Customs Service (Treasury Dept.), $3.8 billion, 21,743 employees
Federal Protective Services (General Services Admin.), $418 million, 1,408 employees
• Portions of the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (Agriculture Dept.), $402 million, 3,974 employees

Emergency Preparedness and Response
Federal Emergency Management Agency, (Independent Agency), $6.1 billion, 5,135 employees
Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Response Units (Health and Human Services Dept.), $2.1 billion, 150 employees
Nuclear Incident Response Teams (Energy Dept.), $91 million, number of employees is classified
National Domestic Preparedness Office (FBI), $2 million, 15 employees
Office of Domestic Preparedness (Justice Dept.), budget and employees are factored into FEMA figures
Domestic Energy Support Teams (Various Depts.), budget and number of employees n/a

Science and Technology
Civilian Biodefense Research Programs (Health and Human Services Dept.), $1.99 billion, 150 employees
National Biological Warfare Defense Analysis Center (newly proposed in 2003 budget), $420 million, number of employees n/a
Plum Island Animal Disease Center (Agriculture Dept.), $25 million, 124 employees
• Portions of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Energy Dept.), budget and number of employees n/a

Information Analysis & Infrastructure Protection
National Communications System (Defense Dept.), $155 million, 91 employees
National Infrastructure Protection System (FBI), $151 million, 795 employees
Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office (Commerce Dept.), $27 million, 65 employees
National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center (Energy Dept.), $20 million, 2 employees
Federal Computer Incident Response Center (General Services Admin.), $11 million, 23 employees

Secret Service
Secret Service, including presidential protection (Treasury Dept.), $1.2 billion, 6,111 employees

Coast Guard
Coast Guard (Transportation Dept.), $7.27 billion, 43,639 employees

Source: White House