Guests and Topics: January 21

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What's going on at the U.N.? Why don't Russsia, China, France and Germany want to remove Saddam Hussein from power? Is the United Nations anti-American? What are the U.N.'s perceptions of the United States? We'll have complete analysis.

Then, New York Congressman Charlie Rangel wants to bring back the draft because he believes minorities will bear the brunt of the the fighting in Iraq. Now, a new study finds that the troops on the frontline who will be doing the fighting are predominantly white. What should we make of all this? We'll have a report.

Plus, we've been telling you about that terrible case of child abuse and neglect in Newark, New Jersey. Guess what? The father of one of the boys who was abused wants his son back. We'll talk with Tyrone Hill's attorney Elaine Whitfield Sharpe this evening.

And later, startling new accusations about former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter... But does it change how we should view his position on Iraq?

Also, should rap be taught in high school English classes? We'll meet an educator who supports the idea.

Finally, how did a Florida young man who stabbed another young man in a fight over a girl wind up with nothing more than probation?! Wait till you hear what they call the judge who sentenced him and spared him from a lengthy prison sentence.

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