Guests and Topics: January 20

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As the United States moves closer to a possible military confrontation with Iraq, thousands of anti-war protesters gathered in the nation's frigid capital Saturday to voice their opposition to using America's armed forces to topple Saddam Hussein.

Protesters hoped a weekend of demonstrations would win over an American public that polls show is unsettled by the prospect of a war, yet supportive of President Bush's leadership. Oliver North joins the debate.

Scott Peterson vowed to broaden the search for his missing pregnant wife as the investigation in Modesto has expanded to include his personal life. Peterson and members of his family distributed fliers to volunteers at a west Los Angeles hotel in order to widen the search for his wife, Peterson said.

Laci Peterson, a pregnant 27-year-old, has been missing since she took her dog for a walk near the couple's Modesto home on Christmas Eve. New information that has been released about Scott Peterson and more tonight. Former NYPD detective Mark Fuhrman investigates the case on Hannity & Colmes.

And Bernie Goldberg’s book that gives an inside look at the media is out in paperback… He’ll join us tonight with more on Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News.

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