Guests and Topics: January 17

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On the 12th anniversary of the Gulf War Saddam Hussein delivered a fiery address to his people last night, calling on them to defend Iraq against an attack by the U.S. And today, the White House characterized the discovery of chemical warheads in Iraq as troubling and serious. Is Saddam trying to rally his people to prepare for the inevitable?
Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the House

First, earlier this week in Oakland, Calif., students and teachers participated in an all-day teach-in dedicated to discussion about a possible war with Iraq. Critics are complaining that the event was one-sided. They argued that the voices of people who support military action against Iraq were not represented at all. Is this an example of an open, educational discussion or did it come too close to anti-war indoctrination?
Bob Mandel, Oakland teacher
Brad Dacus, Pacific Legal Institute

In Modesto, Calif. a local newspaper says that investigators have uncovered new information in the case of missing Modesto woman, Laci Peterson. According to "The Modesto Bee," relatives were told that Laci's husband, Scott, was having an affair and recently took out a $250,000 life insurance policy on his wife. The paper also says that there are photos of Scott Peterson with the other woman.
Carmen Sabatino, mayor of Modesto, Ca
Peter Johnson, FOX News legal analyst
Dale Yeager, criminal analyst

We're now joined from the great city of San Francisco, the author of the now best-selling book "Savage Nation," nationally syndicated radio talk show host, and I can say a friend, Michael Savage.

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