The U.N.'s Bankrupt Moral Leadership

We're depending on the U.N. to do the right thing on Iraq.

After hearing Secretary of State Colin Powell jawbone the scratchy heads at the Security Council today, there is some hope that they will flog Hans Blix into doing his job and actually finding what the world, in its heart of hearts, already knows is in Iraq: the same huge cache of chemical and biological weapons that were stashed there when the weapons inspectors left four years ago.

This charade about finding a dozen empty chemical shells, and then Iraq finding four more, is a complete absurdity next to the 14,000 of those shells — most already all loaded up — that were known to exist four years ago.

Largely overlooked this week — overshadowed by the enormous question of war in Iraq or not — is the news that Libya will soon take over the chair of the U.N. human rights commission.

So this is what it has come to...

 The U.N. has thoroughly bankrupted its own moral leadership by allowing torturers and murderers to run something called the human rights commission. We are now depending on this same organization for approval of an action which we — and other countries that actually think about it — absolutely know is the right thing to do.

Any body that puts a country like Libya at the head of its human rights activities surely has no business passing judgment on the efforts of this country to put yet another dictator and thug out of business.

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