Girlish Kiss Revs Up Fast Lane

If sex sells, then same-sex sex appears to sell super well.

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A much-promoted lesbian kiss on the stylish, LA cop drama Fast Lane between hottie Tiffani Thiessen and guest star Jaime Pressly gave the struggling series a huge, much-needed ratings boost last Friday night.

Ads promoting the episode — including a quick glimpse of the steamy girl-girl lip lock — had been running all last week in Fox, the network that airs Fast Lane.

Basically, the show's ratings jumped by a third among adults 18-49, the viewers advertsiers want most.

More significantly, in its target audience — viewers 18-34 — ratings were up more than 60 percent, officials said.

"It was pretty significant," Fox TV chairman Sandy Grushow said of the ratings hike.

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The network reently moved the rookie series from Wednesday to Friday nights in search of a more steady audience..

Thiessen said the kiss wasn't a big deal to her — even if it generated so much public heat.

"I didn't mind it," she told The Post. But the strong reaction "does surprise me to a certain degree. It's been done so many times before," she said.

She said she couldn't avoid noticing the network's heavy promotion of the lesbian kiss. '

'It's Fox and they love to make a big deal about something like that," she says.

In last Friday's episode, the undercover cop played by Thiessen has to infiltrate an all-woman's valet car parking service led by Pressley's character.