Raw Data: A Day of Protest

A look at anti-war demonstrations Saturday in U.S. cities and around the world:

— Washington: At least 30,000 marched, part of a far larger crowd that rallied outside the Capitol, in the day's cornerstone protest. Signs branded America a "Rogue Nation," and demanded, "Disarm Bush."

— San Francisco: Tens of thousands packed downtown streets, holding signs that read "Peace for All Nations" and "Patriots for Peace," in an action that, like Washington's, drew people from far away.

— Portland, Ore.: Downtown streets rang with drumbeats and peace hymns, and marchers hoisted signs with slogans like "Grandmas for Peace," in a protest that drew thousands.

— Des Moines, Iowa: More than 125 marched two miles in temperatures that felt as if they were below zero. "Saddam Hussein is a problem to the world," said marcher Mark Kloster, "but is he such a problem that we should kill innocent people?"

— Indianapolis: A crowd that reached 600 huddled at the base of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument in temperatures in the teens for a two-hour rally.

— Florida: "Smart Bombs Dumb Move," said at a sign at a St. Augustine protest that drew 200 people. "It's great to see an army for peace instead of an army for death and war," said activist David Thundershield Queen. About 400 people assembled in Venice. About 500 in Tampa rallied outside the gates of MacDill Air Force Base, home to U.S. Central Command, which would coordinate an Iraq war.

— Albuquerque, N.M.: About 800 protested near the University of New Mexico campus; 500 marched downtown to rally outside an Army recruiting office.

— Lansing, Mich.: Several hundred marched 20 blocks to the Capitol.

— France: In the third nationwide anti-war demonstration since October, 6,000 shouting protesters in Paris shouted in English "Stop Bush! Stop War!" and set off firecrackers.

— Turkey: Communists demonstrated outside a theater showing the latest James Bond movie to protest the U.S.-British alliance that they claimed was planning to make war on Iraq.

— Russia: Outside the U.S. Embassy, Russians chanted "U.S. hands off Iraq!" and "Yankee, go home!" A banner read: "Iraq isn't your ranch, Mr. Bush."

— Japan: Students wearing face masks lampooning President Bush or carrying toy guns with flowers rallied in Tokyo.

— Middle East: A march in Cairo, Egypt, drew 1,000 people. About 4,000 in Lebanon, waved posters showing Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. In Jordan, 300 protesters in the predominantly Palestinian district of Nuzha in the capital, Amman, burned U.S., British and Israeli flags and denounced Bush.

— Italy: Activists among 2,000 protesters in Bologna tried to break through a police line around an unrelated demonstration of rightists, and police responded with tear gas. American residents in Florence were among around 2,000 who formed a human chain near the U.S. Consulate.

— Germany: Hundreds of protesters rallied outside the U.S. Army Europe headquarters in Heidelberg.

— Pakistan: Hundreds marched in several cities. In Lahore, about 200 students and human rights activists tried to march on the U.S. Consulate, but police stopped them and allowed half a dozen to deliver a resolution to American officials.

— India: Hundreds of communist workers burned an effigy of Bush.

— Britain: Near London, about 200 anti-war protesters demonstrated outside a military base. Several thousand marched in Bradford, home to a large Pakistani Muslim community.

— Norway: A few hundred demonstrators gathered in Oslo.

— China: A small group of demonstrators marched to the U.S. and British consulates in Hong Kong.

— Ireland: Protesters converged on Shannon Airport to protest its use as a refueling stop for U.S. military aircraft.

— Netherlands: Hundreds marched the streets of Rotterdam, Nijmegen and Leiden. In Uden, police detained 90 activists for trying to invade an air base where U.S. and Dutch forces are stationed.

— Sweden: About 5,000 marched peacefully in Goteborg.