Guests and Topics: January 16

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Today, U.N. weapons inspectors find 12 chemical warheads in Iraq. Eleven of the warheads are empty and said to be in "excellent" condition. A twelfth warhead is said to need further scrutiny. What's next? We'll have the latest developments.

Then, what did the Rev. Jesse Jackson say in a speech on Wall Street yesterday? Wait till you hear the latest...

Plus, the ACLU is out with a new report that says the era of Big Brother has arrived. Has the future really arrived? Or is this pure spin? We'll analyze the report.

Also, actor Robert Blake lashes out in a taped deposition yesterday... We'll show you some of that tape.

And finally, why is the federal government funding a study of female reponses to pornography? You've got to watch this segment to believe it!

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