Guests and Topics: January 15

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If the new Republican Senate majority hopes to get the committees set up and the money doled out to both sides, well, they're going to have to go through Tom "Obstructionist" Daschle. Dennis Deconcini, former Arizona senator

But now, is it unethical if you pay someone not to have children? One organization has been paying drug addicts $200 in exchange for sterilization or long-term birth control. They say it's better for a child not to be born than to suffer the physical and psychological damages of an addict. Do they have a point? Joining us in Anaheim, California, Barbara Harris. And she is the founder of that organization. It's called Children Requiring A Caring Community, also known as Project Prevention. And civil rights attorney Hillary Rashard.

Some conservatives are upset about Senator Robert Byrd's role in an upcoming film about the Civil War. Byrd has a small role as a confederate general in the soon to be released Warner Brothers film, "Gods and Generals." And last week, a coalition of conservative groups staged a sit-in at Senator Byrd's office on Capitol Hill, complaining that the senator is being insensitive because of his past affiliation with the Ku Klux Klan. .
Kevin Martin, African-American Leadership Council

Is the University of Michigan creating an environment of diversity? Or are they creating racial quotas? Radio talk show host Armstrong Williams and defense attorney Jayne Weintraub.

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