Guests and Topics: January 14

Tonight... The O'Reilly Factor is on!

We'll have an exclusive interview with actor Mel Gibson and we'll talk about his highly controversial new movie, Passion, about the 12 last hours of Jesus. Plus, what did Mel's dad say to a reporter recently that's generated even more controversy! We'll find it all out in the No Spin Zone!

Also, now it looks like there's a media blackout in Boston about the sex on a school bus, oral sex incident we've been telling you about this week. And there are two new cases we want to talk to you about, too. What's going on in the Bay State?

Then, is there a double-standard when it comes to the way the Bush administration is approaching the North Korean nuclear weapons problem and the situation with Saddam Hussein? Is this discrimination against Arabs? We'll take a fair and balanced look at that question.

And later, a military hearing begins today on the case of those two Air Force pilots who accidentally killed four Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan. Last night on The Factor we heard from the mother of one of the men. Tonight, we'll hear from an ex-Air Force officer who will explain why he thinks the Air Force might have a case against the two men. Should they be court-martialled? We'll ask FOX News Military Analyst and former Air Force Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney.

As The Factor moves along... the controversy over rocker Pete Townshend and his arrest on child porn charges. When does curiosity cross the line to criminal behavior? We'll ask the experts.

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