Topics and Guests for Monday, Jan. 13

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Topics and Guests for Monday,
Jan. 13

• Assistant Secretary of State James Kelly was in Seoul, South Korea, this weekend where he told reporters that the United States is willing to consider energy aid for North Korea if Pyongyang ends nuclear weapons development.

But is an offer to help North Korea resolve its energy problems a reward for that country's bad behavior?

• Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut announced his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination Monday, saying the American dream was still within reach but that politicians need to get beyond partisan bickering.

What are his chances of capturing the nomination? We'll have a complete report.

• In a move that was immediately decried by murder victims' families and prosecutors, outgoing Illinois Gov. George Ryan on Saturday cleared out the state's death row and commuted 167 prisoners' sentences.

We'll investigate the reasons behind Ryan's decision.

• Plus, find out why President Bush wasn't the obvious man for the job, but could be The Right Man, from author David Frum .

• And, he created The Gong Show, The Dating Game and The Newlywed Game. But was he also a hit man for the CIA? Find out when we are joined by the always controversial Chuck Barris .

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