Topics and Guests for January 13

AOL Time Warner Inc. chairman Steve Case will resign his post in May, the company said Sunday, two years after Case presided over one of history's most stunning corporate coups -- and then one of its most spectacular nosedives.

So what's next for AOL Time Warner and for Case? We'll ask him.

Plus, shake up at CNN -- Walter Isaacson, the chief of CNN who tried to modernize the network as it fell behind Fox News Channel in the ratings, told the staff on Monday that he was quitting. Is AOL Time Warner on the auction block? Former CNN founder Reese Schonfeld and media watcher Porter Bibb, join the debate.

Let's make a deal? Provided North Korea stops its nuclear weapons development, the United States is willing to consider energy aid for the communist country, a U.S. envoy said Monday. But is Washington being bullied by Pyongyang? We'll ask former ambassador to morocco and FOX News analyst, Marc Ginsberg, and former Green Beret Major Bob Bevelacqua.

Are interest rates are going to continue backing up? We'll ask Bernadette Murphy, chief market analyst at Kimelman Baird, and Bryan Piskorowski, first vice president of Prudential Financial.

Is the latest brand of Hollywood activism a little hypocritical? Richard Johnson, editor of the New York Post's Page Six, investigates The Detroit Project.

And, Ian Rae, the man who brought you A Current Affair, reveals the next big thing to hit your TV.

We'll have those stories and more, today on Your World w/Cavuto!

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