Guests and Topics: January 13

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Factor Follow-Up... Sex on a school bus... Now the principal at Silverlake High School in Massachusetts, where two kids were recently caught having oral sex on a school bus, says that he has not announced how he plans to discipline those two kids because he wants to protect their privacy. Is this the right approach or does it further erode the education being offered in our public schools? We'll hear from both sides.

Plus, the mother of one of the Air Force pilots accused of mistakenly bombing, and killing, Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan, speaks out about her son's upcoming court-martial. Wait till you hear what Joan Schmidt has to say about this controversial case.

Then, what's the latest on the situation with North Korea? Are we headed for a freeze in our relations with the isolated Communist country? And how will potential discussions with the North Koreans impact our situation in Iraq? We'll talk with an expert.

And later, why are do many Hollywood swells support pro-environment causes yet insist on driving SUVs?! We'll name some names...

Also, The Miami Herald has been investigating Florida's Department of Children and Families in the wake of last year's horrific case of missing child Rilya Wilson. What have they found out? And has Governor Jeb Bush done enough to help the Department?

Finally, rapper and movie star Eminem has just won a People's Choice Award! What's going on? Is the media to blame for glorifying this controversial artist?

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