Guests and Topics: January 13

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Child killer David Westerfield told detectives interrogating him after the disappearance of 7-year-old Danielle van Dam, "My life is over," and he asked the detectives to leave him alone with a gun.

A newly released videotape of the interrogation, conducted three days after Danielle was reported missing, shows Westerfield sitting in a small room fielding questions from two detectives, who pleaded with him at one point to admit to the crime and tell them where to find the girl.

Westerfield never provided the information and Danielle's nude body was found weeks later by volunteers. Westerfield was sentenced to death for her kidnapping and murder. Danielle’s mother, Brenda Van Dam talks to Hannity & Colmes

And Attorney Gloria Allred joins the debate about the recent death penalty sentence imposed on David Westerfield.

Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut announced his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination Monday, saying the American dream was still within reach but that politicians need to get beyond partisan bickering. Dick Morris weighs in on Lieberman's announcement.

Plus the details on why thousands spent the weekend protesting a possible war with Iraq.

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