Topics and Guests for January 10

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Topics and Guests for January 10:

"No Smoking Gun?"
Blix and Elbaradei briefed security council Thursday on inspectors initial findings… We'll get reaction.
Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Alabama

The U.S. wants Muslim and North Korea foreigners to be checked and today is the deadline.
Ben Ferro, former INS district director
Stanley Cohen, civil rights, criminal defense attorney

The Dutchess of York talks about how she learned simple lessons in life… the hard way.
Sarah Ferguson, author of What I Know Now

The U.S. has begun providing U.N. inspectors with "significant" Intelligence on Iraqi weapons programs. Is this a risky thing to do? Can weapons inspectors handle it?
Bob Baer, former CIA case officer

This week in the media
Eric Burns, host of

Fox's Just Married actors to talk about their on screen marriage and their real life off-screen romance!
Brittany Murphy and Ashton Kutcher, stars of the movie Just Married  

Did Clonaid prove that they actually cloned two babies?
Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, Clonaid CEO

Queens Supreme airs tonight at 10pm on CBS…
Oliver Platt, actor

Sen. Patty Murray on Wednesday defended comments she made last month that seemed to praise terror leader Usama bin Laden for his humanitarian efforts.
William La Jeunesse, FOX News correspondent

About 7,000 Marines at Camp Lejeune have been ordered to board ships and await deployment orders to the Persian Gulf, officials said Friday morning.
Retired Army Maj. Gen. Donald Edwards, U.S. Army

Captain Speicher’s family attorney say she spoke with an Iraqi defector this week with information on Captain Speicher.
Cindy Laquidara, Speicher family attorney

More on Selma Hayek's cover story for Vanity Fair
Krista Smith, West Coast editor

Analysis of the Blix U.N. briefing...
Amb. Dennis Ross, former special Middle East coordinator
Simon Henderson, Saddam Hussein biographer

Relatives of 9/11 victims visit Baghdad, hear their story.
Alison Crowther, mother of WTC hero Welles Crowther who lost his life saving others on September 11

The Surreal Life premiered last night on the WB…
Corey Feldman, actor and celebrity roomate

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change