Guests and Topics: January 10

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Sex on a school bus... We'll tell you about a shocking case of oral sex between two teens on a school bus, that was cheered by some of the classmates. What should be done with these kids? Wonder why it matters? We'll tell why there is a much larger issue at stake here.

Then, why did one New York State Senator object to a priest saying a prayer as the State Assembly convened? Tom Duane will be in the No Spin Zone to explain.

Plus, a man is told by a court that he must pay thousands of dollars a year to support a child that was fathered by another man. He claims his wife defrauded him. But the court didn't buy it. What's going on here?

Also, two parents object to a transsexual who volunteers at their child's school. Could they have a point or are they over-reacting? We'll ask Vicki and Rick McMichael.

And later, as The Factor moves along... should Mexicans who are working in this country illegally, but still pay taxes, be entitled to money from the U.S. social security system? Some people say yes and the Bush administration may just agree with them. We'll hear from both sides.

Finally, actress, author Patty Duke joins us to discuss her battle with mental illness and her life today. Hint: She's on Broadway right now!

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