Guests and Topics: January 10

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North Korea announced that it is pulling out of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty a move that they say is an act of self defense against the United States. In the meantime, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, who was also a former U.N. ambassador, is hosting talks with North Korean officials in Santa Fe. So, is North Korea trying to force our hand? They did it once before in '93.
James Woolsey, former CIA director

First, "The Washington Times" reported today that U.S. intelligence officials received new information in November that Navy Captain Scott Speicher may still be alive and in Iraqi custody. Speicher was shot down in January of 1991 during the first Gulf War, and for years was listed as killed in action. But, inconsistent reports have led some to believe that Speicher may be alive and prompted the Pentagon to change his status to missing in 2001. The Pentagon dismissed today's story as overblown, and Navy officials told Fox News that they were unaware of any new information that would suggest Speicher is alive.
Richard Adams, Scott Speicher's nephew

According to reports, more than 300,000 illegal immigrants who are supposed to be deported are still roaming free inside of America's borders a year after the federal government began a campaign to nab them. Almost all the target individuals, guess what, they remain free. So, have we completely lost control of our borders?
Patrick J. Buchanan, MSNBC host

A possible development in the case of Laci Peterson, the pregnant woman from Modesto, California, who has been missing now for more than two weeks.
Mark Fuhrman, former LAPD detective
Michael Baden, forensic pathologist

Busy week inside the Beltway. With the new Congress convening, President Bush introduced his economic stimulus plan and quickly came under fire from Democrats who charged that it simply catered to wealthier Americans. Will the president's plan jumpstart the economy? Or will it derail his presidency? We're joined by radio talk show hosts Neal Boortz and also by radio talk show host Yolanda Gaskins.

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