Guests and Topics for January 11, 12 & 13

The news doesn't stop on the weekends and neither does FOX & Friends.

So start your weekend in the know with hosts Juliet Huddy and Mike Jerrick.


What's the best way to oust Saddam Hussein and bring stability to the region? FOX News contributor Jim Pinkerton and Ellen Ratner give you the Long and the Short of it and respond to your e-mails sent to long&

Does Saddam have a secret weapon that will help him "outsmart" our military? Fox News military analyst retired Maj. Gen. Donald Edwards offers insight.

And can a post-Saddam democracy flourish in Iraq? American University Professor Carole O' Leary has spent time inside the Kurdish area of country and offers insight.

Is Pakistan a terrorist sanctuary? We get some honest answers from National Review's Doug Bandow.

North Korea pulls out of a treaty that bans it from making nukes and threatens that United Nations sanctions could lead to World War III. Is this simply saber rattling, or are we on the slippery slope to war? Policy analyst from the Heritage Foundation Balbina Hwang joins the debate.

President Bush's economic stimulus plan is leaving many Democratic critics chomping at the bit. Is the proposal right on the money, or way off base? We'll ask FOX News senior business correspondent and host of Bulls & Bears, Brenda Buttner, helps us sort out the pros and cons.


FOX News has learned that Iraq may have obtained as many as 2,400 electronic "jammers" that could throw America's smart bombs off their programmed path. Will that delay any possible military action? We'll ask Dana Dillon, senior policy analyst for the Heritage Foundation.

As the Pentagon gets ready to remove Saddam Hussein from power, Iraq's dictator has another option. Instead of forcing his nation into a bloody war he could step down and go into exile. Does Saddam have an exit strategy? Paul Holmes, co-author of Saddam's Iraq: Face-off in the Gulf, offers insight.

Plus, is war the only answer in dealing with Saddam at this point, or should we let the Iraqis handle it? Author and journalist Amir Taheri explores the options.

And, will the potential war with Iraq take away much needed attention in our War on Terror? We'll be joined by Maurice Sonnenberg, former vice-chair of the National Commission on Terrorism and an adviser to five presidents.

Attention chocoholics! Food Network's Bobby Rivers reveals where to buy the best truffles in the country.

And before you go to the theater,'s Tom O'Neil reviews the biggest movies of the season and tells us if they're worth the price of admission.

And here's what is on tap for Monday:

FOX & Friends First (6 a.m. ET)

If you don't associate opera with hot babes then you probably haven't met "operababes" Rebecca Knight and Karen England.

FOX & Friends (7 a.m. ET)

How good is the North Korean nuclear and missile technology? Are we in danger? North Korean expert Rep. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., joins the debate.

San Francisco's Phillip Burton Federal Building is the first federal facility to accept Mexican-issued ID cards, used by both legal and illegal immigrants, as valid identification. But will this encourage illegal immigrants to continue to break the law and create an unsafe atmosphere? Rep. Thomas Tancredo, R-Colo., weighs in.

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