Blue Crush, Undercover Brother, FearDotCom and About a Boy in the DVD and video glare of The Foxlight.

For a pure guilty-pleasure, check your MENSA card at the door and see Blue Crush. Three girls are just trying to make it in the rough and tumble world of surfing. They've got a dream. Sure they're maids by day, but that didn't stop Jennifer Lopez. There's great over the top of the wave filming.

One of the best laugh-out-loud comedies I saw last year was Eddie Griffin's Undercover Brother. It's Austin Powers with a jive mojo. To put it in '60s terms, it's solid. And Denise Richards and Doogie Howser star Neil Patrick Harris have great supporting roles.

One the other hand, there's FearDotCom. Hit "delete" on this film.

Finally, one of my favorite movies from last year, About a Boy, comes home on video this week. Sure, Hugh Grant is just being Hugh Grant, but it's never worked better.