Below the Fold for January 12

Let's check out some political stories we found Below the Fold:

We Report You Decide

An early candidate for the most macabre political observation of the year goes to the Boston Globe Magazine for this line from a profile written last week by staff writer Charles Pierce:

"If she had lived, Mary Jo Kopechne would be 62 years old. Through his tireless work as a legislator, Edward Kennedy would have brought comfort to her in her old age."

Say What?

Former Stripper Barbara Scott wishes to lead Nevada's Democratic Party. Her press release states:

"I believe my unique political background, experiences and abilities provide me with the qualifications to best solidify and unite the Democratic Party in Nevada... "

Thus proving conclusively that political rhetoric can make even strippers boring.

A Way with Words

California Gov. Gray Davis stands accused of theft -- rhetorical theft from a Bill Clinton State of the Union Speech.


WILLIAM J. CLINTON, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: When presidents speak to Congress and the nation from this podium, typically they comment on the full range and challenges and opportunities that face the United States. 

GOV. GRAY DAVIS, D-CALIF.: When governors speak from this podium, they ordinarily discuss a whole range of issues.  

CLINTON:  But this is not an ordinary time. 

DAVIS:  But these are not ordinary times. 

CLINTON:  For all of the many tasks that require our attention...

DAVIS:  And we do have one overriding task before us. 

CLINTON:  I believe tonight one calls on us to focus, to unite and to act... 

DAVIS:  We must come together to create new jobs... 

CLINTON:  And that is our economy...  

DAVIS:  And get our economy back on track.


Jason Kinney, the governor's speech writer, told the Los Angeles Daily News the similarities were quote "accidental homage."