Topics and Guests, January 9

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

Rick Folbaum reports: U.N. weapons inspectors have found "no smoking guns" in Iraq, Chief Weapons Inspector Hans Blix says. But Baghdad's arms declaration to the Security Council "failed to answer a great many questions."


• Pakistani police working with the FBI raid a home on the outskirts of Karachi, arresting three suspected Al Qaeda operatives and several other people after the surrounded fugitives throw grenades and open fire with automatic weapons.

• President Saddam Hussein's chief science adviser disputes charges that Iraq's arms report was incomplete, and Iraq's official press challenges the United States and Britain to prove allegations that Baghdad is hiding weapons of mass destruction.

• North Korea agrees to Cabinet-level talks with South Korea that could include attempts to resolve the nuclear standoff, but suggests pushing back the proposed date a week.

• President Bush chooses a flag manufacturer in suburban Washington to pitch allegiance to tax cut proposals he says will lead small businesses to make job-creating, economy-boosting new purchases.

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