Topics and Guests for January 9

U.N. weapons inspectors have found "no smoking guns" in Iraq, Chief Weapons Inspector Hans Blix said Thursday morning.

But published reports suggest that the United States preparing to give additional information to the United Nations. If there is more information, why is the U.S. holding back? From the White House to the U.N., we'll have complete FOX Team coverage. Plus, insight from FOX News military analyst Col. David Hunt.

Plus, think Wall Street is watching events in Iraq? As Blix delivered his news the stock market shot up some 50 points. Is there a correlation? We'll investigate.

Also, some Republican senators are not in bed with the president's economic stimulus plan. Is there still some political horse-trading to be done?  We'll look at what in store for the Bush plan.

Plus, how did retail really do during the holiday season? We'll get a read on retail sales from Toys R Us Ceo John Eyler.

And, up, up and away! Are personal flying machines the way of the future? We'll get a small business report from Michael Moshier, founder of Millenium Jet. Inc. -- now known as Trek Aerospace.

We'll have those stories and more, today on Your World w/Cavuto!

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