Star Search, Fear Factor, Bernie Mac, Margaret Cho and Steven Seagal

Star Search, Fear Factor, Bernie Mac, Margaret Cho and Steven Seagal in the washed up career glare of The Foxlight.

The new Star Search got off to a lively start thanks to a super charged Arsenio Hall. A few too many espressos? Who's the sponsor? Starbucks? Next week, decaf Arsenio. Don't make me call Ed McMahon.

The Humane Society is mad at Fear Factor. Forget the humans, the animal rights organization says the reality show subjects rats to mental and physical cruelty. They're also mad about the way it treats snakes and other animals. They awarded Fear Factor one of their annual "Foe Paws" awards.

Bernie Mac got one too, for an episode where a missing snake is found dead in a toilet. Would they have been happier if the snake survived but everyone else was found dead in the toilet?

And, Hollywood publication Variety has crunched the final numbers for the top 250 films last year. We knew Spider-Man was going to be No. 1, but want to know who came in dead last? 250th place went to Margaret Cho's comedy concert film Notorious C.H.O. That's notorious alright.

Finally, first the mob, now a landlord is after Steven Seagal. The inaction star is suing a German landlord who claims Seagal's kung foolery trashed a Berlin apartment. In his lawsuit, Seagal says he suffered "severe anxiety, emotional distress, humiliation and mortification" because of the alleged threats. Remember when this guy could take care of himself?