Guests and Topics: January 8

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A top Iraqi official says that President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair are bent on a devastating war against Iraq in order to control the region's oil. Meanwhile, U.N. experts say that the Iraqi arms report submitted last month fails to prove that Saddam Hussein is not producing weapons of mass destruction. So, is a war with Iraq inevitable?
Dan Quayle, former vice president of the United States

Joining us for the Democratic perspective on Iraq...
Mickey Kantor, former commerce secretary

Is President Bush's economic stimulus plan the answer for the ailing economy or will the rich simply get richer?
Newt Gingrich, FOX News political analyst

The House has returned to the Senate the names of some judicial nominees who were not considered by the full Senate in the last Congress. Among the nominees were Judge Charles Pickering, who was rejected by Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, amid charges of racial insensitivity on the bench and Judge Priscilla Owen, who was also defeated by the committee, after concerns were raised about her position on abortion. Some Democrats are outraged and led by Senator Chuck Schumer are threatening to filibuster the nominees, if they ever do reach the Senate floor. So should the White House be pushing such divisive judges?
Lanny Davis, former. White House special counsel
Victoria Toensing, former DOJ official

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