Topics and Guests for January 7

President Bush will ask Congress to give unemployed Americans up to $3,000 to pay for their job searches — and reward them for finding work — as part of an economic revival package that will also cut taxes for 92 million people, the White House said Monday.

We'll get the details of the president's plan with White House Budget Director Mitch Daniels.

Plus, when would the tax cuts take effect? We'll ask FOX News contributor and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich; Leon Panetta, former Clinton budget director and Fortune editor Jeff Birnbaum.

Do congressional democrats have a better solution for jump starting the economy? We'll ask Sen. Jon Corzine, D-N.J.

How will Wall Street react to the president's proposal? Market bull Tom McManus of Banc of America and market bear Carlos Asilis of JP Morgan join the debate.

Silicon Valley is keeping a close eye on the president's remarks today. What does tech think about the president's plan? Cypress Semiconductor's T.J. Rodgers joins the debate.

What does the president's plan mean to you and your taxes? Get the best tips to keep more money in your pockets from Mark Ernst, CEO of H&R Block.

And, speaking of stimulus, Neil will be joined by The Bachelorette, Trista Rehn.

We'll have those stories and more!

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