Sex and the City, The Sopranos and Bill Maher

Sex and the City, The Sopranos and Bill Maher the glare of The Foxlight.

For fans of Sex and the City, the good news is that next season will be a full 20 episodes. The other news is that it'll be the sixth and final season. Twelve of the episodes will start airing in June. The last eight will start in January of next year. As for The Sopranos, creator David Chase hasn't decided if he'll take a whack at another season after the next one. Why not merge to two shows -- "Sex in Jersey City."

Bill Maher says he feels like "ABC was a marriage that didn't work out." He says "at some point they became the nagging wife who thought they could change" him. But, he says "husbands never really change." Now that his new show will be on HBO, Maher says that channel is his "trophy wife." Real Time with Bill Maher will air Friday nights, starting Feb. 21.

And that's always reality-based world of celebrity chit for chat we dress up every day in the bright paparazzi glow of The Foxlight.