Guests and Topics: January 7

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President Bush unveils his economic plan and the 108th Congress gets to work. So, what's it all mean for you? Will you catch a break on your taxes? Will the economy start to turn around? And will congress begin to work with the president to actually accomplish meaningful legislation?! We'll ask FOX News Political Analyst, former Clinton adviser Dick Morris for some no spin answers when he joins us in the Zone!

Then, a Factor exclusive... forget Trent Lott... Why is West Virginia Democrat Senator Robert Byrd playing a Confederate general in a movie produced by Ted Turner?!

Plus, Jesse Jackson's annual visit to Wall Street is set for next week. And two member of the Bush administration are slated to participate in Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH fundraiser. Are Republicans pandering to African-Americans? Why are such heavy hitters involved? We'll have a report and we'll speak with Niger Innis, Congress of Racial Equality and Kenneth Blackwell, (R) Ohio's Secretary of State

In the "Children at Risk" segment tonight, little Madelyne Hall lived only five months on this earth because the United States of America cannot regulate childcare facilities. A woman named Donna Stoleman ran an unlicensed daycare center in Lindhurst, Ohio, just outside of Cleveland. The law in Ohio says you don't need a license if you care for six children or less. In 1990, a 6-year-old died in Miss Stoleman's charge, and that death was ruled accidental. But then little Madelyne died, and Stoleman was convicted of child endangerment. She was sentenced to probation. Madelyne's father, Lawrence Hall will join us from Cleveland.

The FBI is searching for 41-year-old Sherry Murphy, a drug addict, go-go dancer, after a 7-year-old was found dead from starvation and two other children nearly dead in the house the woman had been living in. Child protection authorities in Newark, New Jersey, had investigated the welfare of the three children numerous times because the house was in chaos and the mother of the kids irresponsible. That woman, Melinda Williams, is currently in a hospital after being hit by a car. We'll speak with James Ford, WNYW-TV reporter and Lisa Clampitt, former NYC child caseworker.

Also, a terrible case of child neglect in Newark, New Jersey. How did one child wind up dead and two others nearly dead from starvation in the basement of a house in the Garden State? It's a shocking story and now the FBI is getting involved in the case. We'll tell you why.

Finally, why is actor George Clooney saying nasty things about President Bush in an interview with GQ magazine. Wait till you hear this! We'll talk to GQ's John Brody.

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