Elderly New York Man Let Hookers Use His Apartment

A 75-year-old Rockland County, N.Y., man has been charged with allowing prostitutes to entertain customers in the bedroom of his apartment in a senior-citizen complex — for which he was paid with oral sex.

Abe Posner of Chestnut Ridge, N.Y., was hit Monday with a five-count indictment that also charges he allowed drug dealing in his apartment.

Prosecutors said the mastermind of the months-long scheme was Florence Tomassi, 58, who ran a crack ring out of Posner's apartment and then added prostitutes to the operation.

Posner would charge men between $5 and $20 to use his bedroom, and the women gave him oral sex as payment, authorities said.

"He actually invited people over and told them to come back," said Rockland County Assistant District Attorney Gary Lee Heavner. "Men and women were coming over during all hours of the day."

Neighbors in the complex were delighted the late-night bordello was finally shuttered.

"I had a person come to my door at 4 a.m. and ask, 'Does Abe live here?'" said Beverly Whitehead, 52. "It was to an extent where people from the parking lot were climbing in and out of his window."

Security called in police from the town of Ramapo, who in turn enlisted the aid of the Rockland Narcotics Task Force.