Topics and Guests, January 6

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

Jim Angle reports: Congress returns to Washington set to take up a packed agenda and deal with pressure from the White House to pass President Bush's economic stimulus package. And the president is ready and set to put the new members to work.

Guest preview: Weekly Standard editor William Kristol gives us his take on the incoming Majority Leader Bill Frist, President Bush's coming econnomic proposal and other topics you won't want to miss.


• Amid a swirl of snow flurries, the hospital ship USNS Comfort leaves to aid in a possible war in Iraq.

• The United Nations weapons inspectors in Iraq are spies, Saddam Hussein tells his people in a televised speech.

• In response to twin homicide bombings that killed 22 people, Israel decides to close three Palestinian universities, intensify raids against militants and bar Palestinian officials from holding key meetings in the West Bank and abroad.

• The U.N. nuclear agency decides against reporting North Korea's defiance to the Security Council, giving Pyongyang another chance to abandon its covert weapons program and readmit inspectors.

• Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle says he's strongly considering a run for president in 2004, joining a growing field of potential candidates.

• Republican Party leaders on Monday chose New York as the site for their 2004 presidential nominating convention.

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