Topics and Guests for January 6

As President Bush put the finishing touches on an economic growth package that could cost $600 billion over 10 years, Democrats pledged to scuttle what they characterize as a plan that would help the wealthy without reviving the economy.

Do they Democrats have a better idea? We'll be joined by Sens. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., and Charles Grassley, R-Iowa.

Could the airline industry's latest cost-cutting measure leave you hungry on your next flight? We'll ask's Tom Parsons.

How big a factor is Iraq on these markets this early new year? We'll ask Frank LaSalla, president and COO of BNY Global Clearing; Jim Awad, chairman of Awad Asset Management and Mary Farrell, managing director and senior investment strategist at UBS Paine Webber.

Plus, given all this global strife, you'd think it's a bad time to be looking at global markets. So why does Pacific Income Management's Bill Gross say you should be looking abroad? We'll ask him.

Her name is still embroiled in scandal, but that hasn't stopped the "Domestic Diva" from another big product launch. Is this a bold move, or just business as usual for Martha Stewart? Jerry Della Femina, chairman of Della Femina, Rothschild, Jeary and Partners, and Porter Bibb, managing partner at Technology Partners Holdings, join the debate.

All that plus, Israeli Foreign Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

We'll have those stories and more!

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