Guests and Topics: January 3

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Departing Democratic House leader Dick Gephardt of Missouri has decided to form a presidential exploratory committee, kicking off his second run for the White House in 14 years at an event later this month, The Associated Press has learned.

An invitation obtained by the AP says Gephardt will raise money for the exploratory committee at an event Jan. 22, asking for donations of at least $1,000 — or half the maximum for presidential candidates.

Plus, an illegal alien apparently got access to the White House, the Pentagon and NASA — and has pictures to prove it.
That's according to a column in Friday's New York Post by Michelle Malkin, a Fox News contributor, who will join Hannity & Colmes tonight. She writes that a Mexican national named Salvador Martinez-Gonzalez helped set up party tents on the White House lawn for two years, despite having been in the United States illegally.

And the parents of a newborn claimed to be the world's first cloned human are balking on whether to allow DNA testing on the child, said the head of the cloning company that says it brought the baby to life. Has a human been cloned or was it all a hoax?

Finally, elements of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force based at Camp Pendleton, Calif., have been deployed to the Persian Gulf and will be available should President Bush order the military to disarm Iraq, Fox News has learned. Congressman Charlie Rangel joins the debate…

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