Guests and Topics: January 2

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South Korea rebuffed North Korea's overtures to jointly oppose the United States, telling the North on Thursday to stop saber-rattling and instead take a "forward-looking" step to ease the crisis over its nuclear programs.

South Korea Unification Minister Jeong Se-hyun also said the North's leadership "should not attempt to test the limit of the patience of the international community."  Larry Eagleburger, former secretary of state joins the debate.

And tackling the first task to getting elected president, Sen. John Edwards announced Thursday he would set up an exploratory committee in pursuit of the Democratic nomination for 2004. "I run for president to be champion -- to be a champion for the same people I fought for all my life: regular folks," Edwards said in a press conference held outside his Raleigh, N.C., home. 
Betsy Hart of Scripps Howard News Service and Ann Lewis, former Clinton communications director, talk about the announcement and his competition. These stories and more tonight...

About 80 protesters marched outside the sheriff's office in Pinellas County, Florida on Monday over recent comments that the lawman made about the homeless. At a meeting to address homelessness, Sheriff Everett Rice was quoted as saying "we have a bunch of bums that are destroying the quality of life and lowering property values."
Ted Hayes, homeless advocate
Eric Rubin, Tampa Bay action group

Would you want your kids going to an amusement park if the balloon-bending, joke-telling clown had spent time in the slammer for molesting children?
Lynn Gold-Bikin, defense attorney

Has gun control gone too far? Some police departments say toy guns are being mistaken for the real thing, and are increasingly being used in violent crimes. Here in New York, some city council members have introduced a bill to ban the sale of toy guns.
David Weprin, N.Y. councilman
Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe columnist


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