Topics and Guests for December 31

2002 marked another down year for the market. Can you and your portfolio recover in 2003?

We'll highlight the stocks you have to own in the New Year with market all-stars Joe Battipaglia; Jonathan Hoenig; Hilary Kramer and Dagen McDowell.

With military worries on the horizon and the FBI searching for five men of Middle Eastern origin who may have crossed the border into the United States on Christmas Eve, is Wall Street concerned?

Plus, could the U.S. be forced to fight a war on two fronts next year? We'll ask FOX News military analyst retired Col. Bill Cowan.

2002 was a record year for Hollywood. But what will be hot in 2003? We'll ask Associated Press Entertainment report Christ Lemire.

As New York City prepares for New Year's Eve, we'll look at how safe you are in a big New Year's celebration with security experts and president and CEO of NYC & Company, Cristyne Nicholas.

Plus, Marty Tuley, author of Get Off Your Ass, examines the millions of dollars that Americans spend on dieting.

We'll have those stories and more!

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