Topics and Guests for December 30

Tonight! Get on On the Record with Greta!

The FBI has launced an intensive manhunt for several suspected Arab terrorists it says have entered the United States illegally from Canada in the last week. Could these men be headed to New York City to plan a terrorist attack during New Year's Eve festivities tomorrow night? We'll have the very latest on the search for the five men.

Plus, we'll assess the possible threat to homeland security when FOX News Foreign Affairs Analyst Mansoor Ijaz joins us.

Then, the Bush administration says the situation with North Korea has not approached crisis levels. But what should be done to counter the brinksmanship coming from the isolated Communist nation? Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer and FOX News contributor, author and Washington Times reporter Bill Gertz  go on the record.

Also, as the Pentagon puts members of the military on alert... Is war with Iraq inevitable? What kind of military strikes can we possibly expect? We'll convene our military roundtable for some fair and balanced answers.

And later, where is Laci Peterson? The 27-year-old California woman has been missing in the Modesto area since Christmas Eve. She is eight-months pregnant. Now a reward of a half million dollars is being offered and law enforcement officials hope that it will increase the leads in the case. Right now they are still hoping to find Laci alive. How will they conduct their search? Where could Laci be? We'll have a live report from the area and we'll speak with a member of the team directly involved in the search for the missing woman.

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