Guests and Topics: December 30

Tonight... The O'Reilly Factor is on!

As we countdown to New Year's Eve... The FBI is hunting for five terror suspects who entered the United States illegally by crossing the Canadian border. How dangerous are these men? What kind of a threat do they pose to our country? We'll have a report.

Then, Secretary of State Colin Powell says that the situation in North Korea hasn't reached the crisis stage. But some members of Congress say what's going on in the isolated Communist nation is a much bigger threat to world security than what's going on Iraq. Who's right? Former Army Col. David Hackworth has some No Spin answers!

Also, speaking of Iraq... As we gear up for possible military action in the Middle East, New York Democrat Rep. Charlie Rangel says that we ought to reinstate the draft! Really? Wait till you hear his argument, tonight.

Plus, a remarkable report about UFOs from Great Britain is creating quite a stir around the world. We'll speak with the author, Peter Robbins.

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