Topics and Guests for Monday, Dec. 30

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Topics and Guests for Monday,
Dec. 30

• South Korea was assessing on Monday whether communist North Korea was preparing to withdraw from the international treaty that seeks to halt the spread of nuclear weapons.

A statement released by North Korea suggested it would pull out of the Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons — a move that would escalate the crisis over the isolated nation's decision to restart its nuclear facilities and expel International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors.

• The FBI has launched an intensive manhunt for several suspected Arab terrorists it says may have entered the United States illegally from Canada last week.

Officials are especially concerned that the men may be heading to the New York City area, based on information received from at least one intelligence source.

But how do men like this slip into the country in the first place? What on earth is going on at the border? We'll ask Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo. , chairman of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus.

• The company that claims to have created the world's first cloned human says the baby, nicknamed "Eve," is coming home to the United States on Monday.

The baby is flying into the country with her family, Brigitte Boisselier said Sunday, two days after she announced the child's birth. Boisselier is chief executive of Clonaid, the cloning company affiliated with a religious sect that believes space aliens launched life on Earth.

We'll debate the issue with Dr. Tanja Dominko , cloning expert and chief science officer at Cellthera.

• Police around the country will be keeping an extra close eye out for tanked-up drivers tomorrow night. Drunk driving deaths have been "up" recently, after years of decline.

Should the federal government issue a nationwide standard: a blood alcohol level of 0.8? We'll ask Mothers Against Drunk Driving President Wendy Hamilton.

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