Guests and Topics: December 27

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The situation between North Korea and the United States worsened again today when the isolated Communist nation ordered nuclear inspectors certified by the United Nations to leave the country. The North Korean government also announced that it plans to reactivate an atomic lab which can produce weapons-grade plutonium. Officials in the U.S. have said that the facility can produce enough plutonium to make several atomic bombs. Despite warnings from the International Atomic Energy Agency, the government of North Korea also removed monitoring seals and surveillance cameras from the nuclear complex at Yongbyon earlier this week. Is there any way that this growing crisis can be resolved peacefully or are we about to be on the brink of war with North Korea as well as Iraq? We'll ask former U.N. Weapons Inspector Tim Trevan.  

Then, a federal judge in New York City has ruled that a street entertainer, with two prior convictions of sex with minors, could not be banned from performing at an amusement park in a New York suburb, because the ban violated the man's free speech rights. But what about the rights of parents to protect their children from the convicted pedophile?! Prepare to be outraged when you hear this story!

Plus, a new poll by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) finds that a large majority of Americans believe the present level of immigration is a "critical threat to the vital interests of the United States." But surprisingly, only 14 percent of the nation's leadership feel the same way! Why the big gap between the public and the politicians? We'll ask CIS President Steve Camarota

And later, you won't believe what's going on these days with Barbie... One of the most popular toys in the world! Why are manufacturers pushing a "lingerie" Barbie doll? And how come Wal-Mart yanked Barbie's best friend "Midge" off the shelves just before Christmas? Who's peddling this stuff to your kids? We'll have some No Spin answers.

Finally, what are you doing New Year's Eve? If you are looking for a date we've got very unusual advice for you!

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