Guests and Topics: December 26

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The United States is demanding that North Korea stop its nuclear programs... How great is the threat from North Korea? Should we be more afraid of North Korea than Iraq? Former U.N. Assistant Secretary General Dennis Halliday joins the debate!

Plus, CIA interrogators have been using "stress and duress" techniques on enemies captured in Afghanistan and some are charging that these techniques are inhumane. Could they have a point? Or is this the way to win the war on terror? Is there any reason to be concerned about what's going on? Retired Marine Lt. Col. Bill Cowan will help us understand the situation.

Also, Attorney General John Ashcroft and the Immigration and Naturalization Service were hit with a class action civil liberties lawsuit this past Tuesday, on Christmas Eve. The lawsuit was filed by a coalition of Arab and Muslim groups. It seeks an immediate injuction against further arrests and contends that large numbers of men who came forward to register in southern California with the government last week, had been unlawfully detained. Will this lawsuit change the way the government handles Muslim immigrants? Or is it misguided? We'll hear from both sides.

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