Topics and Guests for Thursday, Dec. 26

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Stories for Thursday,
Dec. 26:

The U.N. atomic energy watchdog says that North Korea's move to restart some of its nuclear facilities is "very worrying". Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld makes it clear the U.S. is ready for a war on two fronts
• Retired Army Capt. David Christian

The battle for the White House in 2004 has already started, and Democrats may be targeting the president's strongest card — national security
Daniel Feldman, former national security council staffer under President Clinton

Six years ago, the body of little JonBenet Ramsey was found in the basement of her family's Colorado home. Now a new set of eyes is taking a fresh look at the case . Will the new investigation lead to the killer?
• Dr. Larry Kobilinsky, professor of forensic science at John Jay College

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