Topics and Guests for December 24 & 25

On December 24 and 25... Get on On the Record with Greta!

December 24

We have a very special show planned for you this evening when psychic medium Jon Edward joins Greta for a full hour! Seeing the future, unlocking secrets of the past, even "crossing over" to the "other side." World-famous psychic Edward has done that and been there. Don't believe? Don't worry. Get ready to be amazed! Get ready to go on the record! December 25

Second Lady Lynne Cheney discusses the war on terror and the terror that was spread by the D.C. sniper attacks. How does the Cheney family cope? You won't want to miss the inspiring answer.

Plus, they have personally served Saddam. Two high ranking Iraqi defectors share their story with Greta. You won't believe the horrific events these men have lived through. What can all of us learn from them as we prepare for a possible war against Iraq?

Then, he's this year's NASCAR sensation... Tony Stewart goes on the record with Greta!

Finally, some light-hearted laughter rounds out our show, when funny man Jon Stewart joins us!

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