Not Dreaming of a White Christmas

I don't want to sound cranky, but for all you people who dream of a white Christmas, i have a few words...

Happy now?

Jeez, it was white all right. All six inches of it here in the East, way worse in other places. People who tried to fly to LaGuardia yesterday are probably just dragging themselves into the house right about now, and all because of a white Christmas.

If it could be a white Christmas on your front lawn and not on my airport runway, I'd be more in favor of it... but if the white Christmas is going to pile up on the runway and tarmacs, if it's going to leave people sitting around airports in 50 or 100 American cities — eating whatever they can scrounge, trying to decide if it's better to hang in and see if the midnight flight actually gets off, or better to take the free airline hotel room, and make certain you're late to work the day after Christmas — if it's all that... I'd rather not have the white Christmas.

Could you sentimental types out there just think about the rest of us, who might be forced to fly on Christmas Day, and just wish for a white some-other-day... like a white Fourth of July?

(In that case you can dream white all you want, and it isn't going to happen anyway, so no harm done.)

Instead, for all the people who looked our their window Christmas Day and said, "Awwww... a white Christmas," there were just as many of us stuck in front of airline flight boards saying, "Cancelled? What am I going to do now?"

Aaaacccckkkkkk... it was awful. Glad it's over. Hope yours was nice too.

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