Guests and Topics: December 24 & 25

On December 24 & 25 we have two very special editions ofThe O'Reilly Factor planned for you!

Here's just some of what's on our rundown!

December 24

Does the ACLU hate Christmas? You'll be shocked by our report.

Plus, why does basketball legend Charles Barkley think that there is no leadership in the African-American community in this country?

Also, are battered men ignored? We'll meet one man who says yes.

Finally, a most unusual interview with author Betty Dodson.

December 25

Why are some Hollywood celebrities speaking out against military action in Iraq? We'll ask actors Janeane Garafolo and Joey Pantalino from The Sopranos.

Also, meet Christine Pelton, one of the most courageous teachers of year.

Plus, a revolutionary approach to changing San Francisco chronic homeless problem.

Finally, why does comedian turned author Bill Maher say "If you ride alone, you're riding with Bin Laden?"

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