Topics and Guests for December 23

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An unmanned U.S. predator drone was shot down today over Southern Iraq according to the Pentagon. Is retaliation planned? Does this bring us even closer to war?

Also, U.N. weapons inspectors are speaking with Iraqi scientists who may have "critical" information about the country's weapons of mass destruction. Some of these scientists may wind up being taken out of Iraq to avoid reprisals from Saddam Hussein.

What's the latest from Iraq? We'll tell you about all the day's developments. We'll have a LIVE report from the region.

Plus, we'll have analysis from FOX News Foreign Affairs analyst Mansoor Ijaz.

Then, why has North Korea decided to remove U.N. seals and surveillance cameras from nuclear facilities in that country? American officials maintain that the facilities could yield weapons within months and they are urging North Korea to reconsider its actions. What's going on here? How dangerous is this situation? We'll find out when James Lilley, former U.S. Ambassador to South Korea and China, goes on the record.  

Also, was Sarin gas used in the Persian Gulf War and did it cause our troops to come down with what's been commonly called "Gulf War Syndrome?"

And, later, should Iraqi scientists be interviewed and taken out of Iraq, if necessary? We'll take a fair and balanced look at that question.

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