Guests and Topics: December 20

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Trent Lott will not assume the Senate majority leader position in January, Fox News has confirmed.

Support is quickly mounting for Sen. Bill Frist to replace Lott as the Senate Republican leader, after controversy over seemingly racist statements made by Lott two weeks ago.

On Friday, Sen. George Allen of Virginia, the fast-rising freshman who will head the Senate GOP's campaign effort for the 2004 elections, told Fox News he is backing Frist. 

"I am supporting Bill Frist. I think he will bring forth the positive and accurate image of our party and our ideas and I think it's absolutely essential when we get back into session in January ... we need to move forward and I want leadership that will allow us that positive constructive action as opposed to the unfortunate blemish that this has all occasioned as far as the heart and soul of our party," Allen said. Join the debate over Lott stepping down on Hannity & Colmes.

And booby-trapped oil fields, exploding chemical and biological weapons and sabotaged food warehouses are all scenarios that Pentagon planners fear may be in Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein's last-chance playbook.

Now, war planners are evaluating what they must do to prepare for combat if coalition forces go to war.Investigating the Iraq conflict… Former U.S. attorney general Dick Thornburgh weighs in.

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