Afghan Solider Killed When Bomb Explodes in Southern Kandahar

A bomb exploded in southern Kandahar on Sunday, killing one Afghan soldier and wounding six others, police and hospital officials said.

The bomb went off shortly after 8 a.m. as a contingent of Afghan soldiers was traveling by jeep toward a training ground on the eastern edge of the city, Police Chief Gen. Akram said.

No one took responsibility for the bombing.

The device was set off by remote control, according to police. There were few immediate details about the type or size of the explosion.

"They must have been watching us and saw the route we usually took to the training ground and set the explosives in our path," said Ahmad Ullah, the driver of the vehicle.

Police blamed remnants of the Taliban and Al Qaeda fugitives.

One of the wounded soldiers was in critical condition with head injuries, said Ullah. The others suffered minor cuts and bruises.

Southern Kandahar, the spiritual headquarters of the deposed Taliban, has seen several incidents, including an assassination attempt on Afghan President Hamid Karzai in September.

U.S. soldiers stationed at the airport outside Kandahar have periodically come under attack, but it appeared that the Afghan soldiers were the target of the bomb.