Topics and Guests for December 19

Tonight... Get on On the Record with Greta...

We're back in Washington with a brand new show for you!

First, the Bush administration says that there are gaps, omissions and other troubles with the Iraqi weapons declaration. Will we be going to war with Saddam Hussein by the beginning of next year? We'll have a LIVE report from the United Nations and the Middle East. Then, we'll talk with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and get his assessment of the situation.

Plus, we'll convene our military roundtable with former Retired Army Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis, former Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely  and retired U.S. Airforce Gen. Tom McInerney. We'll ask our distinguished panel about a possible military strike against Iraq. How would a war in the region unfold? Could it really be over quickly? Is everything we will need for a war already in the region?

And later, should you refuse to be vaccinated against smallpox? We'll have a fair and balanced debate when we hear from two medical experts with differing points of view.

Finally, could Al Qaeda be operating in Canada? We'll ask Maurice Sonnenberg the former vice chairman of the National Commission on Terrorism what he thinks.

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